World bank ease of doing business report 2008 gmc

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World bank ease of doing business report 2008 gmc

The pending legalization of recreational cannabis and the extraction of cannabinoids from hemp in Canada is only one in a series of changes bringing expectations of new growth to these industries.

Legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada is set to establish an industry worth billions of dollars every year.

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American companies can make the most of this change through cross-border partnerships and Canadian subsidiaries. Industrial hemp offers another option for companies in this sector, producing and extracting cannabinoids, including CBD and other cannabinoids, from the flowers and leaves will become legal on October 17, SMG has acquired Sunlight Supplies to give it a larger hold in the hydroponic cultivation market.

Micron Waste Technologies, Inc. MWM is creating a specialist onsite waste management system for cannabis farmers. FFT is producing millions of seeds with which to get farmers started.

New Laws and New Crops The legalization of recreational use cannabinoids in Canada is set to make waves in the market this year. As the first G7 country to legalize recreational cannabis on a national scale, Canada is leading the world in taking this lucrative trade out of the hands of criminal gangs and making it part of the legitimate economy.

It is also opening a new market for companies in the related industrial hemp industry. This allows those involved in the industry to take advantage of an entirely new product market utilizing hemp-derived cannabinoids.

For companies already invested in this sector, changes in Canada may open the way for a vast increase in revenues. As many commentators have pointed out, this places cannabinoid-based product potential in the market on par with alcohol for value to Canadian businesses, and close to the total spent on wine each year.

With aroundpeople using hemp and cannabis products each day in Canada, this promises to be a stable market with a steady stream of income. Hemp is used in a growing list of products, including dietary supplements and skin products, and even clothing and accessories.

Overall, hemp is known to have more than 25, possible applications. And Marijuana Business Daily reported that the U. Cross-Border Work The existence of a government regulatory framework for the medical cannabis industry has made it easier for companies to prepare for full legalization in Canada.

The companies have established two agricultural projects together — one of them in New Brunswick and the other south of the border in Oregon. Both sites are being used to develop better techniques for growing industrial hemp. At the New Brunswick site, the work is being supported by government research investment to help advance the local hemp industry.

Aided by drone technology, the companies are gathering data on the impact of pests on hemp production, ways of correcting soil acidity for better growth, and the impact of nitrogen fertilizers. In Oregon, the focus is on growing hemp strains with a high yield of cannabidiol CBD. Using a mixture of seeded and cloned plants, staff at the Oregon facility are growing high-CBD-yielding crops while gathering data on their progress.

A century ago, hemp fiber was used in the production of rope and cloth. Laws aimed at outlawing marijuana killed the industry, but as the interest in other strains of cannabis has grown in recent years, so too has attention on hemp.

In the United States, the U. This would mean the revival of an industrial agricultural crop that has been repressed for almost years. The industrial applications of hemp in areas such as textiles, bio-composites and building materials will become increasingly viable as more biomass is generated in the cultivation of hemp to produce cannabinoids.

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CBD has become a hot ingredient in medicine and wellness products in recent years, offering great potential for farmers. There are currently less thanacres of hemp grown worldwide, compared to traditional crops such as wheat and corn, with hundreds of millions of acres of each being grown.

With the potential disruptive applications for hemp from industrial to medicinal, it will ultimately compete with traditional crops as it is adopted by many sectors of the economy.

world bank ease of doing business report 2008 gmc

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