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Transference and countertransference essay writer

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Searles distinctive form of analytical thinking is described in the emotional context of experiences with the patient.

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It describes the occurrence of Oedipus complex in patients and how he reacts to the patient in the countertransference. The psychoanalyst reacts to the patient and then relinquishes him. The erotic feelings in countertransference convince therapist for a romantic relationship with the patient.

The transference-countertransference enactments have thrown light on the erotic feelings of love between therapist and patient.

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This is the way, as Searles writes about, he works with the patient. The constructive feelings in countertransference are important for successful therapy and they promote growth. These feelings are demonstrated in analytical settings.

He discusses his clinical experiences with the patient with whom he would get too emotional in the final stages of treatment. This happens for the reason that parents have too their Oedipal complex in an unresolved state because of the complications and unsatisfying relationship in marriage and unproductiveness towards his society.

Parents are unable to give child the love he demands during his oedipal phase of development. The child who grows-up with unresolved oedipal complex is now a neurotic or psychotic patient. He now seeks this resolution from his therapist. This child who later becomes psychotic and show symptoms of neurosis has these repressed feelings of love and now admires the doctor for his desires.

Both transference and countertransference can be evident in any client–therapist relationship, but are especially important in working with children because of a common instinct among adults to protect and nurture the young. Any topic the writer feels appropriate for the project instructions using Ruby Red Grapefruit as the chosen fruit This is a research paper plus abstract. These reconfigured concepts of analytic subjectivity and countertransference are changing clinical practice. They also change how one reads psychoanalytic literature, offering a widened vision of who writes, who is the author and to whom does the author speak.

His unresolved Oedipus complex still disturbs him and he seeks a resolution. He admires his therapist and seeks to have a resolution with them.

Essay: Countertransference

During this treatment phase his oedipal strivings cause a doctor to respond and react to his feelings. In the countertransference the doctor develops the feelings of love and admiration with the patient to such an extent that he wants to get married with the patient.

Usually the parents of such children also had an unresolved Oedipus complex that later led to unhappy marriage and problems in life. Such parents are not able to give full attention and love to their kids hence the complex remains unresolved for the child as well.

It succumbs into the state of repression. The neurotic and psychotic patient whose Oedipus complex is still unresolved seeks resolution from the therapist in the process of transference.In this way. the work on transference became the main tool for psychoanalytic cure (Freud.

timberdesignmag.comance and displacement. a non-analysed countertransference could jeopardise the analyst’s neutrality and. Countertransference Order Description Psychiatry Assignment Question: Countertransference – In words, briefly outline key features of the history of a patient you have seen and cared for (ideally reviewed progress on at least occasions).

More Essay Examples on Sigmund Freud Rubric. Transference and Counter-Transference.

transference and countertransference essay writer

The idea of transference was first thought of by Sigmund Freud. He realized that sometimes when performing therapy with an individual that there were some fantasies .

This essay explores the development of transference and countertransference from their origins in Freud's work to their current uses in different psychotherapeutic schools. The Kleinian contribution is identified as a major catalyst to re-thinking countertransference as a resource rather than simply an obstacle to treatment.

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Transference & Countertransference Transference & Countertransference. At an inpatient residential treatment facility, a depressed client unrelentingly begs the attending consultant for a .

These reconfigured concepts of analytic subjectivity and countertransference are changing clinical practice. They also change how one reads psychoanalytic literature, offering a widened vision of who writes, who is the author and to whom does the author speak.

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