Teleological argument for the existence of god essay

Thomson, Nobel Prize winning physicist, discoverer of the electron. Thomson, who was a devout Christian, is recognized as the founder of atomic physics. There is no conflict between science and religion.

Teleological argument for the existence of god essay

Evaluate the Teleological Argument for the Existence of God Evaluate the teleological argument for the existence of God The arguments for the existence of God are usually understood as arguments for classical theism.

Owenin his book Concepts of Deity, defines theism as " Aquinas says that we can come to a proof of the existence of God simply by reflecting on the nature of the universe. Aquinas said we could observe that unintelligent things appear to fulfil a function.

The world is not made up of separate entities that are entirely individual, rather these entities interact with each other often in complex networks that seem to fulfil functions, such as an ecosystem. For instance, trees, whilst appearing unintelligible, serve to provide oxygen, fuel and building materials for us, provide food and shelter for many animals and also serve recreational and aesthetic purposes.

They have all the appearance of being proposed by an intelligence, to build towards a purpose. The intelligent being that moves things towards their end, Aquinas said, we call God. He talks about coming across a stone whilst crossing a heath, and asking about the stones origin. Paley says that we may well assume that the stone has always been there as there is nothing about the stone which would make us think anything else.

If we were to come across a watch, though, we could not give the same response to the question of its origin. On examination, the watch would unequivocally show that, not only had it been designed, but that it had been designed for purpose, in this case to show the passing of time.

If all the components of the watch were put together in any other way, either the watch would not work, or it would show the wrong time, neither of which would be of any use.

Paley says that all the elements of design present in the watch are present in nature and its works, the only real difference being the vast dissimilarity in size between the watch and the world. Whilst we can imagine that the watch could be the result of human endeavour, in no way can we say the same about the universe.

The manner in which aspects of nature are so suited to their task, and the way in which these tasks are fulfilled, show all the magnificence and grandeur of the most perfect invention.

Only God could have created the universe in the fashion it can be observed. If the teleologist says that the world, has been designed like the watch, he may then go on to say that the world, like the watch has a purpose.

Teleological argument for the existence of god essay

I would argue that there is nothing in the world that could make me believe that it has a purpose, however much it shows elements of design. Indeed, if it does have a purpose then it is nothing that the human can discern, but only the creator, for whom the creation has been made.

In his book Physico-Theology, first published inDerham presents us with an argument which Paley seems to have mirrored. In the same manner as the watch, "For what less than infinite, could stock so vast a globe with such a noble set of animalsThe teleological or physico-theological argument, also known as the argument from design, or intelligent design argument is an argument for the existence of God or, more generally, for an intelligent creator based on perceived evidence of deliberate design in the natural world.

The argument is an a posteriori argument which begins with looking at the natural world and Paley uses his watch analogy to attempt to prove the existence of God. There are two aspects to Paley’s argument – regularity and purpose.

Hundreds of Proofs of God’s Existence Formerly: Over Three Hundred Proofs of God’s Existence Originally adapted from a forum on the Internet Infidels.

Find A+ essays, research papers, book notes, course notes and writing tips. Millions of students use StudyMode to jumpstart their assignments. To conclude, I do not believe that the teleological argument proves or disproves the existence of God, I do however believe that it is a matter of perspective and personal judgement when it comes down to which side to believe/be on.

Also see SEP, EB, and PP.. Teresa of Ávila (Teresa Sánchez de Cepeda y Ahumada) (). Spanish's The Way of Perfection () and The Interior Castle sharply distinguished intellectual from volitional portions of human nature and recommended the total surrender of the soul to god through both prayerful meditation and ecstatic union with the divine.

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