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Piggery business plan sample philippines promissory

Pleyto dismissing herein petitioner from the service, as affirmed in the decision and resolution dated July 20, and October 4,respectively, of the Court of Appeals in CA-G. Petitioner raises before this Court his continued objection to the intervention of the Office of the Ombudsman in the proceedings before the Court of Appeals.

The Office of the Ombudsman moved to intervene in the Court of Appeals proceedings in representation of the States interests.

As a competent disciplining body, it asserts its rights to defend its own findings of fact and law relative to the imposition of its decisions and ensure that its judgments in administrative disciplinary cases be upheld by the appellate court, consistent with the doctrine laid down by this Court in Civil Service Commission v.

Dacoycoy [20] and Philippine National Bank v. Petitioner opposed from the very beginning the intervention of the Office of the Ombudsman in the appellate court proceedings. He pointed out to the Court of Appeals that only the PNP-CIDG was named as a respondent in his Petition for Review, and the Office of the Ombudsman was not impleaded because Section 6, Rule 43 of the Rules of Court expressly mandates that the court or agency which rendered the assailed decision should not be impleaded in the petition.

He argued that the non-inclusion of the court or tribunal as respondent in cases elevated on appeal is founded on the doctrine that the court is not a combatant in the appeal proceedings. He called attention to previous rulings of this Court admonishing judges to maintain a posture of detachment in cases where their decisions are elevated on appeal or review.

Petitioner, in the instant Petition, presents the same arguments in support of his first assignment of error. After a review of both positions on the matter of the intervention of the Office of the Ombudsman in the proceedings before the Court of Appeals, this Court rules in favor of petitioner.

Desierto [22] already settled that appeals in administrative disciplinary cases from the Office of the Ombudsman should be brought first to the Court of Appeals via a verified Petition for Review under Rule 43 of the Rules of Court.

piggery business plan sample philippines promissory

The only parties in an appeal are the appellant as petitioner and the appellee as respondent. The court, or in this case, the administrative agency which rendered the judgment appealed from, is not a party in said appeal.

It is a well-known doctrine that a judge should detach himself from cases where his decision is appealed to a higher court for review.

The raison d'etre for such doctrine is the fact that a judge is not an active combatant in such proceeding and must leave the opposing parties to contend their individual positions and the appellate court to decide the issues without his active participation.

When a judge actively participates in the appeal of his judgment, he, in a way, ceases to be judicial and has become adversarial instead.

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His judgment should already clearly and completely state his findings of fact and law. There must be no more need for him to justify further his judgment when it is appealed before appellate courts.

When the court judge or the quasi-judicial officer intervenes as a party in the appealed case, he inevitably forsakes his detachment and impartiality, and his interest in the case becomes personal since his objective now is no longer only to settle the controversy between the original parties which he had already accomplished by rendering his judgmentbut more significantly, to refute the appellants assignment of errors, defend his judgment, and prevent it from being overturned on appeal.

The reliance of the Office of the Ombudsman on this Courts pronouncements in Dacoycoy and Garcia cases are misplaced.

Four essays on liberty pdf

The issue in the landmark case Dacoycoy, was the right of the Civil Service Commission CSC to file an appeal with this Court from the decision of the Court of Appeals exonerating the civil service officer Dacoycoy from the administrative charges against him.

According to Section 39 of the Civil Service Law, appeals, where allowable, shall be made by the party adversely affected by the decision within 15 days from receipt of the decision unless a petition for reconsideration is seasonably filed, which petition shall be decided within 15 days.

Previous decisions of this Court ruled that the party adversely affected in Section 39 of the Civil Service Law, refers solely to the public officer or employee who was administratively disciplined and, hence, an appeal may be availed of only in a case where the respondent is found guilty. It is within the foregoing context that this Court ruled in Dacoycoy in the following manner: Subsequently, the Court of Appeals reversed the decision of the Civil Service Commission and held respondent not guilty of nepotism.

Who now may appeal the decision of the Court of Appeals to the Supreme Court? Certainly not the respondent, who was declared not guilty of the charge. Nor the complainant George P. Suan, who was merely a witness for the government.

Consequently, the Civil Service Commission has become the party adversely affected by such ruling, which seriously prejudices the civil service system.

Hence, as an aggrieved party, it may appeal the decision of the Court of Appeals to the Supreme Court. By this ruling, we now expressly abandon and overrule extant jurisprudence that the phrase party adversely affected by the decision refers to the government employee against whom the administrative case is filed for the purpose of disciplinary action which may take the form of suspension, demotion in rank or salary, transfer, removal or dismissal from office and not included are cases where the penalty imposed is suspension for not more then thirty 30 days or fine in an amount not exceeding thirty days salary or when the respondent is exonerated of the charges, there is no occasion for appeal.

In other words, we overrule prior decisions holding that the Civil Service Law does not contemplate a review of decisions exonerating officers or employees from administrative charges enunciated in Paredes v.An application essay structure politics essay sample restaurant reviews learning life essay partner in hindi money essay writing worksheets my favorite musicians essay university.

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Livelihood Development Program for Overseas Filipino Workers (OWWA-NLSF-LDPO) is a joint undertaking of OWWA and National Livelihood Support Fund (NLSF) to address the economic component of the OFW Reintegration Program. Petitioner and his wife submitted their respective Counter-Affidavits, attaching thereto certificates of business registration, income tax returns, audited balance sheets, deeds of sale, and bank promissory notes, all meant to establish how petitioner and his wife acquired the said real properties.

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