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Credit Wikimedia Commons The Winter Olympics kick off this week in Pyeongchang, South Korea, but the headlines leading up to the international games are dominated by a doping scandal. Rosen A fight continues about which Russian athletes will receive special clearance to participate. This is not the first time doping has cast a shadow over the Olympics or over celebrated athletes. Advancements in science and technology in the past decades have allowed athletes to both use more cutting-edge substances and discover more sophisticated ways of hiding illicit substance use.

Hd underwriting agency

Tokio Marine Group will continue to contribute to the creation of a safe, secure and resilient future. As Vice Chairman of the Geneva Association, Shuzo Sumi, Chairman of the Board of Tokio Marine Holdings, leads and supports surveys and research on important insurance industry issues regulation, risk management, climate change, etc.

At the same time, as Joint-Chairman of the "Extreme Events and Climate Risk" working group, he is taking the lead in undertaking surveys and research on climate change and natural disaster risk and disseminating related information to society.

ClimateWise ClimateWise is an initiative in which approximately 30 leading insurers hd underwriting agency around the world jointly carry out studies and research on various risks and opportunities related to climate change and make recommendations toward reducing the risks that climate change imposes on economic and social life.

In the future as well, Tokio Marine Group will continue to promote efforts toward mitigating and adapting to climate change. Ishihara proposed the importance of advance preparation such as the formulation of business continuity plans BCPs that include supply chain risk and rapid disaster recovery plans for businesses, and the need for using the expertise of the insurance industry in promoting them, for companies managers to become resilient to climate change and natural disaster risk in the future.

The Asia-Pacific region faces high natural disaster risk and many areas are vulnerable to natural disasters. At the same time, the region is also accumulating assets along with economic growth.

In view of these factors, enhancing economic indemnification against natural disasters in some form is an urgent issue for the sound development of APEC member economies and also from humanitarian and national finance perspectives.

In response to this situation, in April the Asia-Pacific Financial Forum APFF was established as a platform for public-private sector cooperation under APEC to promote the further integration and development of financial and capital markets and financial services in the Asia-Pacific region.

hd underwriting agency

At this conference, it was indicated that regulatory authorities will make efforts to ensure that private-sector insurance companies can appropriately provide disaster risk insurance.

Tokio Marine Group will contribute to the creation of sustainable frameworks that respond to the state of development in each economy through dialogue with finance officials in each country as well as with other finance and insurance related parties.

Participants include representatives from central banks, financial supervisory authorities and finance ministries from various countries and regions as well as from principal standards establishment entities, the IMF, World Bank, BIS and OECD. The Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures TCFD is entrusted by the FSB to formulate voluntary recommendations for consistent, comparable, reliable, clear and efficient climate-related disclosures by companies in the financial sector and it released its final recommendations in June Tokio Marine Holdings Masaaki Nagamura, General Manager of Strategy and Synergy Department is supporting the activities of the TCFD and is engaging in discussions and exchanging opinions with public and private related parties in Japan and overseas and is working toward policy recommendations for encouraging disclosure that will contribute to the enhancement of investment decisions.

Environmental Value Creation Ministry of the Environment Eco-First System Eco-First is a system under which companies pledge to the Ministry of Environment that they will proactively undertake initiatives for protecting the environment that include adopting global warming countermeasures and waste and recycling measures.


Under the system, the ministry certifies those companies top-notch companies within the industry that "carry out visionary and unique business activities that lead the industry" in environmental fields. These include "offering environment-conscious insurance with the participation of customers through the Green Gift Project" and "research centered on industry-academia collaboration that focuses on climate change and natural disasters.

This includes not only striving for power savings in summer and winter but also in areas ranging from products and services to donations and volunteer activities.

Green Purchasing Network The Green Purchasing Network was established in as a facilitative network and an information-disseminating organization of companies, government agencies and non-government organizations leading the way in green purchasing.

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The network was established based on the recognition that green purchasing plays a crucial role in the formation of markets for environment-friendly products and represents an extremely effective means of promoting the development of environment-friendly products through markets and by extension for building a sustainable society.BBC World News is the BBC's international news and current affairs television channel.

It has the largest audience of any channel, with an estimated 99 million viewers weekly in /16, part of the estimated million users of the BBC's four main international news services.

hd underwriting agency

Launched on 11 March as BBC World Service Television outside . With no new Medigap Plan F's after , we are constantly asked if Medicare Supplement F or G is the right way to go, and if Plan F will increase in price.

Global risk modelling and analytics company RMS has released its high-definition Japan earthquake and tsunami model, incorporating key research advancements and recent earthquakes to hit the. External Evaluations and Participation in Initiatives.

Tokio Marine Group is working to improve its initiatives in environmental, social and governance (ESG) fields and has received numerous evaluations and awards in Japan and overseas. NPR for Oregonians. After decades of tensions, the Vatican and China have signed a "provisional agreement" on the appointment of bishops.

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