Goals for writing across the curriculum activities

Center for Faculty Development High Stakes Some of your course goals—maybe fewer than you think--will be best met through assigning high stakes writing: If it is not only important that students learn course material through their writing, but also that they master the ability to write in a certain form or genre--to produce writing that demonstrates polished, concentrated, complex thought over time—then you will want to assign high-stakes writing to meet these learning goals. High-stakes assignments may take the form of the traditional academic essay thesis with supporting evidenceor of specific genres in your field:

Goals for writing across the curriculum activities

Creating Curriculum Goals and Objectives When designing or revising curriculum, follow these steps for developing goals and objectives.

Assess Needs1 Before developing goals, conduct a needs assessment, a systematic process to determine and address the gaps between where you want to be and the status quo.

Define the type of need for change: An individual or group needs to reach an established standard e. Needs are related to projected demands eg, the need to change the undergraduate medical education curriculum because of an increasing need for primary care physicians.

Perception of the need to change is driven by a particular incident or observation. Needs having to do with one institution having something while another does not.

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This analysis will determine whether or not it is feasible to proceed. Educational goals describe the overall learning outcome. Subsequent objectives, methods, and evaluation procedures are directed toward achieving the goals. Be stated in terms of learner outcomes Be realistically attainable by the completion of the curriculum Be stated in terms of learner knowledge, behavior, and attitudes Describe real world behaviors to be used by the learner Examples might include: Educational objectives are statements that describe in precise, measurable terms what learners will be able to do at the end of an instructional sequence.

When writing objectives, consider how you would test learners to determine if they achieved what you want them to achieve. The second-year resident will be able to identify fractures by x-ray.

Creating Curriculum Goals and Objectives

The second-year resident will demonstrate correct casting techniques on a partner using fiberglass or plaster. Curriculum Development - Part One.Create supportive activities and assignments.

For each high-stakes writing assignment, 1. Break down the sequence of work: what steps will students need to take to complete the project? Writing Across the Curriculum promotes writing and reading enhancement throughout all schools of study through a variety of publications and activities, including: Workshops for faculty.

Writing Centers.

goals for writing across the curriculum activities

Professional forums for self-expression, such as The Gnu, a student literary journal, and WHACK, a faculty newsletter. High Stakes. Some of your course goals—maybe fewer than you think--will be best met through assigning high stakes writing: writing that is revised over time and that you support through in-class activities, feedback on drafts, and low/medium-stakes assignments.

Create supportive activities and assignments; Identifying your course learning goals. What knowledge, skills, dispositions, etc. do you want students to learn as a result of taking your course? Writing Across the Curriculum Summit Avenue St. Paul, Minnesota , USA 1 () [email protected] Report a Website Problem.

Unit studies were perfect for writing across the curriculum.

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I still assigned more “traditional” writing, of course. But we also had fun with short, targeted, project-based writing activities that dovetailed writing with other subjects such as science, nature, and history. The goals for the WAC program are: To introduce faculty and TAs across campus to teaching strategies growing out of the WAC literature during the past 18 years or so.

To develop and maintain an ongoing WAC dissemination program for faculty and TAs.

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