Gatekeeper hmo ppo indemnity

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Gatekeeper hmo ppo indemnity

So much information, so little time HealthInsurance.

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With that in mind, here's a no-frills, easy-accessguide to health insurance. Understanding Health Insurance No single plan will cover all costs associated with medical care, but some cover more than others.

Want to unlock the differences between plans? Fee-for-Service or Indemnity Plans With this traditional plan, you can make an appointment with almost any medical provider.

After your visit, you or your provider sends your claim to the insurance company. Few purchase this traditional type of plan. Managed Care This term refers to types of health insurance plans that provide health care services at a lower cost. The key to these lower costs?

Members of managed care plans must adhere to certain rules designed to lower the cost of medical care. Types of Managed Care: This is the doctor you call or see when you are sick, and he or she will refer you to a specialist or other providers within the HMO network. With most HMOs you will not receive benefits if you go out-of-network, except for emergency care.

This means the HMO network will include doctors in various locations rather than only at a central facility.

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More Types of Managed Care: In this system, you may seek treatment from an approved network of providers, or may see other providers outside the network. Usually, you will pay small copay and satisfy a deductible before benefits are paid. Like a standard HMO, your primary care doctors make referrals to other providers within the plan.

But if you want to go to a physician outside the network without consulting your primary care doctor, the POS plan will pay a predetermined amount of the bill and your share of the bill will be higher than it would if you stay in-network. These plans usually cost more in monthly premiums than straight HMOs, but they give you the flexibility to call any doctor — within the plan or not.

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Choosing wisely If you have a choice from more than one plan, compare how each plan handles the following:Cigna, a global health insurance service company, offers health, dental, supplemental insurance and Medicare plans to individuals, families and businesses.

AAPPO - American Association of Preferred Provider Organizations. The leading national association of preferred provider organizations (PPOs) and affiliate organizations, and was established in to advance awareness of the benefits — greater access, choice and flexibility — that PPOs bring to American health care.

This Glossary is a general glossary that is provided for informational purposes only. Please note that some of the definitions may vary from those used in your plan depending on the provisions of your specific plan. A gatekeeper's duty primarily is to manage a patient's treatment. This means the gatekeeper is in charge of authorizing the patient's referrals, hospitalizations and lab studies.

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GENERAL G. HMOS H. AVAILABILITY AND ACCESS I. COMPLAINTS AND GRIEVANCES J. HEALTH CARE PROVIDER CONTRACTS . Gatekeeper -Under some health insurance arrangements, Preferred provider organization (PPO) (Conventional Indemnity, PPO, EPO, HMO, POS, and PHOs) can be financed on a self-insured basis.

Gatekeeper hmo ppo indemnity

Employers may offer both self-insured and fully insured plans to their employees.

What is a gatekeeper?