Effects of violent video games young people essay

Although it is impossible to know exactly what caused these teens to attack their own classmates and teachers, a number of factors probably were involved. One possible contributing factor is violent video games. Harris and Klebold enjoyed playing the bloody, shoot-'em-up video game Doom, a game licensed by the U.

Effects of violent video games young people essay

In fact, you might be a bit skeptical about their value. A recent article in the Journal of Adolescent Research caught my attention.

Video games are the fastest growing type of entertainment in the world.

Most young people ages play video games an average of But quite honestly, I was caught by surprise. Even more unexpected, the article challenged me to question my negative bias about video games.

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Most of us are aware that violent video games can trigger young people to transfer feelings of aggression to actions in the real world. Public scrutiny of violent video games increased significantly following the tragic events at Columbine High School in and Virginia Tech in It is sure to spur even more debate as the senseless shootings of children in Newtown, Connecticut are thoroughly investigated.

Perhaps as a response to these violent incidents, the negative effects of video games on children, including aggression, hostility, and addiction, has now been examined in more than studies. But the positive effects of non-educational video games, including the development of initiative, intrinsic motivation, and cooperation, has been examined in only 30 studies!

Do we developmental and social psychologists have a bias in what we study? Of course we do! So what do current studies really show? Yes, there are incidents where socially isolated, mentally unstable teens have committed acts of violence based on video games.

But while the violent video games that are very popular among teen boys have been shown to increase aggression in some studies, other studies have failed to find the same correlation.

One study found that compared to teens that did not play video games, video game players reported more family closeness, higher involvement in activities, greater attachment to school, and positive mental health.

Another study found that video games with content that promoted helping behaviors, sharing, cooperation, and empathy actually contributed to the development of those same traits in young teens.

Video Games as an Initiative-Building Activity One of my personal interests in youth development research has been in the area of how young people develop initiative. In my article, Fostering Initiative in Children and TeensI outline the important elements of initiative-building activities during childhood and adolescence.

Indeed, video games have some promise. For example, when kids play video games, they experience intrinsic motivation. They feel excited and find challenge in the process. When playing with friends, video games even show social benefits.

One of the key elements of initiative is the ability to sustain an activity over a period of time so that kids learn to persevere despite challenges. Three Tips for Adults Clearly, there is more research needed on the positive and negative effects of video games for kids.

I still have lots of concerns and questions about violent video games, as the research is a mixed bag. In considering the effects of video games on children and which games to give your kids, here are three tips to keep in mind. If a child feels isolated, with few friends, do not allow them to indulge in violent video games.

However, if a child seems mentally healthy, violent video games may also have positive aspects, like developing initiative, or even cooperation. Look for games with characters that display heroic qualities and strengths and positive messages like teamwork, concentration, and perseverance. Common Sense Media has a special section for video game reviews where parents can go to read about games their kids have requested or to research games they think would be most suitable for specific children.

Ratings include a score for positive images, positive role models, and violence, among others. Watch them all the way through! Talk about the strengths and weaknesses that various characters display.A Review of the Effects of Violent Video Games on Children and Adolescents Jodi games can also increase aggressive thoughts.

26 After playing a violent game, people list more aggressive thoughts27 and articipants who had played [the violent game] delivered The A.. ™: The Effects Effects of Violent Video Games on.. J., of & A. Young people who spend an inexplicable sum of hours playing video games are observed to be prone to sight loss and obesity.

In addition, they tend to be more aggressive than their peers who do not play video games, and they experience difficulties with social adaptation.

The impact of violent video games: An overview Parents often ask about the effects of violent video games on their children and teenagers. In most cases, they note that their “common playing, especially of violent video games, has the potential to impact children in a number of negative ways.

Three recent studies directly compared the effects of interactive (video games) and passive (television and movies) media violence on aggression and violence; in all 3 cases, the new interactive-media-violence effect was larger.

54 Correlational and experimental studies have revealed that violent video games lead to increases in aggressive. Positive Effects Of Video Games Children And Young People Essay.

Effects of violent video games young people essay

Print some education experts think that these games corrupt the brain. Violent video games are readily blamed by the media and some experts as the reason why some youth become violent or commit extreme anti social behaviour. Building Self Esteem and another .

People playing video games are more likely to be socially awkward, adding insult to injury, people playing violent video games are more likely to have increased aggressive thoughts, in turn tarnish their social interaction, acting aggressively and violently towards others.

Effects of violent video games young people essay
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