Case study of six sigma implementation

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Case study of six sigma implementation

Wait Time — Although the data to determine the baseline value was not initially available, it was determined based on additional data collected and analyzed during the Measure and Analyze phases.

Transfers — The team determined the 90th percentile baseline to have been 3. Service Time — Baseline mean service time was 10 minutes with a 95 percent confidence interval of 9.

Summary for Service Time Baseline Figure 2: Implement Process Control The team began by planning the data collection process to be used, including preparing operational definitions for each data element and automated tools whenever possible to minimize expense and effort.

The team recognized that if members of the staff thought the data would be misused, they might be tempted to distort the data.

Case study of six sigma implementation

The team selected the appropriate form of control chart to suit each situation to be monitored. Figure 3 Figure 3: Similar charts were prepared for other issue types and for support cost.

Days to Close — Problems Implementing process control means more than preparing control charts. The team also defined a process for analyzing the output in order to help the operations group determine the right course of action when an out of control situation is encountered. The team deployed a full set of control charts that monitored all of the variables of interest, but it also recognized a need for an overview to give a broader perspective without all of the detail.

These dashboards overlap somewhat.


The team knew that new account growth and customer satisfaction were important to the senior vice president who runs the business unit served by this call center.

The team recommended changes that were expected to impact these outcomes, so the vice president wanted to monitor what actually happened. He also wanted to see how these changes were impacting the cost structure.

Case study of six sigma implementation

This last step included: Developing and executing a plan to implement the improved process, including any necessary training. Developing and executing a communication plan that informed all those affected by the change. Conducting a transition review with key managers and staff, making adjustments and improvements they suggested.

Establishing the timeline and responsibilities for the transfer, and executing the transition process. After an agreed interval, validating the financial benefits in conjunction with a representative of the finance department.

Emphasis on process improvement, not critiques of individual performance. Archiving in an accessible repository what the project team learned so other teams can benefit from it. Along with well-deserved acknowledgment of team contributions both the Six Sigma project team and the operations team.

You Might Also Like.Six Sigma Case Study: Ford Motors. May 19th, This meant a lack of commitment was present from the beginning, proving a major cause of concern for Ford’s Six Sigma implementation. The time constraints, on top of this, made it difficult to put its top leaders through weeks of training.

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The present study aims to investigate prioritising of critical successful factors (CSFs) of Six Sigma implementation in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Iran. See Long- and Short-term Results with a Plan. A major dilemma companies face today is the pressure to deliver short-term improvements and benefits while still contributing to longer-term breakthrough objectives.

Through this study, Lean Six Sigma is needed because organizations and individuals need a methodology for improvement and problem solving, if the methodology is well applied, it can produce a better approach than other deployment approaches used by other improvement initiatives because it integrates the human and process aspects of .

PDF | This paper reports a research in which the impact of implementing define, measure, analyse, improve and control (DMAIC) phases of .

Implementation of lean six sigma: a case study of CFC Stanbic Bank